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What Is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a data-driven, disciplined approach to project management that prevents errors in every process. It aims for a difference of six standard deviations between the mean and the closest specification constraint. Lean Six Sigma mostly assesses the efficiency of production output, but it also assesses the quality of goods and services. Companies that have used Lean Six Sigma and achieved traction using the technique include Amazon, 3M, Boeing, and others. Although Lean Six Sigma is not the norm in all areas of these companies, it can be used when it is required and yields good results. We have answered a few questions below to assist you with more information.


Why Get Certified?

Companies engage in Lean Six Sigma certification because it includes a pre-designed range of resources and procedures that further develop an organization’s processes. The primary purpose of certification is to recognize persons who possess the expertise required to detect and avoid errors in a process. If large, profitable companies may benefit from Lean Six Sigma, so can you.

Where do I start?

Since you are in a non-Six Sigma position, it is advantageous for you to enroll in our Lean Six Sigma program. You will complete your Green Belt Certification and then pass on to full-time positions and similar certification depending on your desires. Your colleagues who operate in companies that do not have an in-house Lean Six Sigma certification program will take courses from a variety of institutes.

Starting with Yellow Belt, you can advance to Green Belt and Black Belt certifications. However, you must perform assignments previous to or directly after certification to ensure that learnings are embedded. Many institutes offer both offline instructor-led and online classes, which you can select depending on your requirements.

How’s the future for Lean Six Sigma Experts of California professionals?

For quality personnel in manufacturing or service organizations, Lean Six Sigma certification helps build skills and learn new techniques. It also gives them a knowledge base to train their teams on the skills as well. Lean Six Sigma Experts of California certification enhances an organization’s operations/service/production managers’ comprehension of steps and strategies. They will further educate their team members in successful problem-solving strategies.

Whether it’s prospects inside their own company or outside of it, Lean Six Sigma certification offers you an advantage in a competitive environment. Whether you work with a startup or an established company? Is the company concerned about robotics or artificial intelligence? Lean Six Sigma practitioners would be sought after by organizations to accelerate organized and long-term changes.

If you want to start your own company, this is a good career path to take. Companies seek Lean Six Sigma experts as advisors and coaches. A Lean Six Sigma Experts of California certification can be the boost of your business career.

How do you choose the instructor to assign to our company?

Any teacher would not suffice. You would want to look for a Lean Six Sigma partner that can collaborate with you to understand your company’s vision and goals. The selected mentor should be well-versed in Lean Six Sigma techniques, as well as strength and expertise in environments like yours.

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What level of support do the coaches provide for candidates and projects?

Using different technologies when working on a project can be both fun and challenging. In their zeal, Green Belts and Black Belts may choose to use more resources than required to collect data that is irrelevant to the reach of the project charter. You want a partner who can coach and guide you on application- or project-specific assistance, such as data collection, interpretation, and review, as well as choosing the necessary methods and strategies to keep on board with the project charter and prevent scope creep. Your development partner can also discuss project implementation challenges and hurdles, as well as time management. Ascertain applicants may need more coaching than others, coaching can be given on an as-needed basis by the project team. The aim should always be to ensure the effective application of Lean Six Sigma in your company.

Benefits of Six Sigma Certification for Individuals

Below are reasons why you should get six sigma certifications:

Once you complete your Lean Six Sigma course and obtain your certification, you will have a clear understanding of measuring and quantifying financial benefits from executing any Lean Six Sigma project. Lean Six Sigma certification helps professionals acquire risk assessment and financial management skills. Such skills are highly valued by middle and top-level management for senior managerial positions.

Obtaining a Lean Six Sigma Experts certification is no simple job. The findings are intriguing. The tests are challenging to pass. Moreover, progressing from one belt stage to the next necessitates years of actual practice. As a result, it is not shocking that practitioners with six sigma certification are well compensated.

Hands-on experience in industry ventures and the adaptation of scientific concepts to real-life situations as part of the Six Sigma teaching process. Starting a Six Sigma course encourages you to obtain useful expertise well before you hit the workforce.

What are the Lean Six Sigma certification levels?

Lean Six Sigma certification is a demonstration of knowledge, and to some degree experience in the application of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools. There is no universally accepted standard for certification, but by common practice, several levels of Lean Six Sigma proficiency have been defined. The levels of certification are designated with Lean Six Sigma belts: Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt.

Yellow Belt is suitable for Lean Six Sigma project team members who are subject matter specialists reflecting their work. They must be familiar with and appreciate the process, as well as be willing to partake in the usage of Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques.

Green Belt is the degree of a team leader in Lean Six Sigma. These entities are required to guide an improvement initiative using the methods and the requisite Lean and Six Sigma statistical resources. They are project and project team heads.

A Lean Six Sigma specialist is known to be at the Black Belt level. These individuals are required to lead significant cross-functional enhancement programs and to serve as trainers and mentors to Green Belt team leaders. If there is a debate on which tool or technique to use or how to apply such tools or techniques, they are the ones that make the decision. They even take part in project Phase Gate evaluations.

A special case of Black Belt is the Master Black Belt. This is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt who acts as the administrator of the initiative for the organization. There is no special Lean Six Sigma certification for these individuals, rather they must be able to combine their Lean Six Sigma expertise with the corporate culture and norms to effectively manage the initiative.

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