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Six Sigma is a technique that equips companies with resources to enhance the capability of their business processes. This rise in efficiency and decline in process deviation contributes to fault reduction and services in sales, employee productivity, and product or service quality.

Professionals who obtain Six Sigma certification have become important players in enhancing the efficiency of operations inside their organizations. They work hard to minimize variations in production and company activities, by introducing uniform procedures and developing metrics that reduce the risk of defects.

LSS California - Los-Angeles-CA

Many of today’s leading companies combine Six Sigma standardization activities with waste-cutting Lean production approaches to keep their organizations as competitive as possible. Companies that have effectively adopted Lean Six Sigma (LSS) concepts include 3M, Xerox, amongst others. Experts qualified in the relevant methodologies and strategies would direct enterprise-wide improvements for companies to produce optimum outcomes for their programs.

But what precisely do Six Sigma Belt speeds imply? These certifications identify the positions that people are eligible to perform in project completion and the promotion of quality control activities. An online Lean Six Sigma certificate curriculum prepares professionals to take an active role in improving their company atmosphere and preventing downtime.

What exactly is the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt?

Yellow Belt classification signifies an understanding of Six Sigma principles that stretches beyond the basics offered by a White Belt. A Yellow Belt would have completed training sessions over a day or two, gaining the skills required to be appointed to a project as full-fledged team members. They will direct limited-scope projects and assist managers at higher belt levels.

What is the distinction between a Green Belt and a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma?

Green Belts usually have less of a leadership position than Black Belts, which is why the latter command a higher wage. Also, project teams will be made up of a combination of Green and Yellow Belt experts who will be in charge of implementing changes under the supervision of a licensed Black Belt.

A Green Belt’s comprehension of Lean Six Sigma methodologies will be less sophisticated, but they will also be able to address quality challenges and conduct research using the appropriate methods. Black Belts, on the other side, would provide clear knowledge of Lean Six Sigma – which they would be able to impart to all Green and Yellow Belts – as well as the potential to guide effective development programs.

Although Green Belt practitioners normally need at least three years of job experience before starting preparation, a Black Belt must already be accredited to the Green Belt standard and have at least three years of experience in one field of Lean Six Sigma operation.

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